photo of dr tim sargeantWhy chiropractic care is important to me

As a child, my lower back and knees were in frequent pain, making it very difficult for me to sit or play sports.  My parents were told it was likely due to growing pains and I should stay off playing hockey. Knowing my passion for sports (and the fact that I lived in Canada and every good Canadian boy plays hockey!), they decided to take me to a chiropractor.  After my initial visit, he assured me I could still play hockey and within a few visits, I was pain free. I continued to actively play sports and see him right through my college years. From early on, I knew I wanted to make chiropractic care my career – to be able to give others the same choice in managing their pain and living the lifestyle they wanted.


In 1997, I graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic with a Doctor of Chiropractic and since that time, I received my Acupuncture Certification from Logan College, have over 150 hours of training in chiropractic rehabilitation and am trained in Functional Movement Systems.  My learning is ongoing. I am past President of North Alabama Chiropractic Society and continue to attend seminars and meet with other professionals in the healthcare field to stay up-to-date on the newest technologies and advances so that I can most effectively treat my patients’ needs.

What I do outside of work

Active member of Cross Fit, avid golfer and hockey, lacrosse, football and dance Dad